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Bend Air Taxi
Personal air transportation in the Pacific NorthWest

Bend Air Taxi

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Bend Air Taxi provides business and personal air transportation throughout the Pacific NorthWest from our base in Bend Oregon

Our Services


On-Demand Air Charter

Fly where you want to, when you need to. No security lines, no parking hassles, on your schedule -not the airlines. It's 45 minutes in the air from Bend to Portland or Eugene, 60 minutes to Bandon Dunes or Medford, 90 minutes to Seattle, Boise or Sun Valley. 

Personal Service

Bend Air Taxi is a Part 135 FAA Certified Single Pilot Air Carrier that flies a state-of-the-art 6-seat twin-engine Beechcraft G58 Baron. Most trips are flown with 2-3 passengers and luggage over distances up to 500 miles -longer with a fuel and bio-break stop.  


From the rigorous FAA certification and inspection process, to on-going flight training, to the industries highest maintenance standards, Bend Air Taxi puts safety first..... Period.  What that means is there will be days we can't fly.  It may be an unexpected maintenance issue that needs to be addressed, or it may be weather that prohibits flight, but no matter why, if it's not safe, we will not fly. 

Angel Flights

Bend Air Taxi is a proud supporter of Angel Flights West having  flown over 100 missions and 45,000 miles transporting medical patients to and from treatment across the Pacific North West and California at no cost to those patients. Every flight you book with Bend Air Taxi helps pay for an Angel Flight. 

Tom is the best looking, sexiest pilot I have ever met. I’d do him in a New York Minute
— Molly Malone, wife




$900 per hour* based on HOBBS meter time.  You only pay when we are in the air.  

*Charged for all legs including positioning legs. 

Wait time, overnight rates

Every flight includes 2 hours of wait time at your destination for same day returns.  Additional hours are charged at $100/hr up to a maximum of $800 per day.

Overnight waits are $800 plus lodging and meals at cost.



Typical Leg times, cost and Weight Limits (passenger & luggage)

Bend to:

  • Salem, John Day 30 min $450 800 lb.

  • Portland, Eugene 45 min $675 800 lb.

  • Pasco, North Bend, Newport 1.0 hour $900 700 lb.

  • Walla Walla 1.2 hour $1,100 650 lb.

  • Seattle, Sun Valley 1.5 hour $1,350 600 lb.

  • Oakland, Palo Alto 2.5 hour $2,250 400 lb.


Who We Are

Tom Tormey:  Owner/Pilot

A 30+ year veteran of Silicon Valley with a masters in Electrical Engineering from UC Berkeley,  Tom began living his lifelong dream of flying 15 years ago while working as a VP of Engineering at his latest start-up and raising 3 sons with his wonderful wife Molly.  Starting with his initial private pilot certificate, Tom added an instrument rating, a multi engine rating, and ultimately a commercial pilot certificate.   Over time Tom moved up from training aircraft to high performance single engine aircraft and 8 years ago purchased what many pilots consider the best light-twin-engine piston aircraft ever built, a Beechcraft G58 Baron. Tom kept his flying skills sharp with the help of some of the best instructors on the West coast and twice yearly recurrence training at Fight Safety while flying whenever and wherever  he could- job and family permitting. In 2015 Tom and Molly, now empty nesters,  retired and moved to Bend Oregon where Tom immediately signed up as an Angel Flight Command Pilot and hasn't stopped flying since. With over 130 Angel Flight missions and 50,000 flown miles under his belt so far, starting an Air Taxi Service in Bend seemed like the next natural step in the evolution of a second career in aviation. 




Tom Tormey -Owner/ Pilot

(844) 928 2363

63205 Gibson Air Rd #52
Bend OR 97701


Angel Flight Photos